Simple Strides Toward Positive Change:
Lessons From Life Coaching

Simple Strides Toward Positive Change: Lessons from Life Coaching is based on Life Coach Susan Korwin’s years of experience helping people change their lives for the better. Her warm, supportive advice helps readers understand that while change isn’t always easy, it’s always possible.

Susan focuses on five areas she knows make a difference in life coaching:

● Troubleshooting: What’s Getting in Your Way?
● Creating Peace Within
● Conditioning Yourself for Success
● Here’s to Your Health: Exercise and Eating Right
● Beauty and Personal Style for You

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As your Life Coach, I will assist and gently guide you through life’s obstacles.

Personal growth

Help you reach the desired level of self-fulfillment and positivity.

Re-program Self-talk

Create a new habit of re-programming our self-talk to find greater happiness.

Self-confidence Training

Susan empowers you to avoiding jealousy, overcome obstacles and build confidence

Personal Relationships

I choose to focus on healthy relationships and leave the toxic energy behind


Understand the latest fashions, trends, and ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Susan can help you develop your own personal style unique to you.

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 Simple Strides Toward Positive Change


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