I Miss The Good Old Days of Fashion Week

I Miss The Good Old Days of Fashion Week

The good old days when New York Fashion Week was held at Lincoln Center still holds the fondest memories for me. I would meet up with my fashionista friends and we would walk around the plaza outside the main entrance watching all the celebrity arrivals and people wearing outlandish fashions. There were many times that I was actually photographed by fashion photographers and ended up on sites such as Buzzfeed and Getty Images. The experience of watching the latest fashion trends come to life was an experience I will never forget. The room was electric, the enthusiasm was contagious, and nothing else mattered except for the next “look”. When you love fashion, as I do, there was nothing quite like this time. Fashion has always been important to me, even though some may think it’s superficial and trivial.

I will always love fashion. Fashion brings me joy. Creating an outfit and accessorizing that outfit is like painting a portrait. But things are different for me now. I don’t feel the need to be there anymore. I still love fashion. I will always love fashion, and I will always be on the lookout for the what designers are putting out there. But my style will never change, no matter what the ‘trend” is.  The word now is that NYFW has lost its pizazz. That it is no longer what it was because of  the TikTokers and so called “influencers” who are now dominating the field.  Fashion Week used to be something that was hard to get into. You had to have credentials. I see a shift.  One never had to purchase tickets to a fashion show. You were invited. Now, it seems, people are making their own fashion shows during fashion week and selling tickets to get in.

I must admit from a personal stand point that New York Fashion Week, when it was sponsored by Mercedes Benz, was the best time to experience Fashion Week. It was so much fun and it was a lot more elaborate. It was all about the fashion and the designers and the creativity of it all. I miss that aspect of it a lot!



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