About me

Welcome to my website. I am Susan Korwin, a Certified Life Coach and Life and Style Consultant

As your Life Coach, I will assist and gently guide you through life’s obstacles. Just as a coach runs out onto the field to revive an athlete’s flagging spirit, I will revive the spirit of anyone feeling pulled down by negativity. I will also work with you to accomplish your personal goals, culminating in significant and positive change in your life. There may be times when you feel stuck and frustrated and can’t see the potential that is within you. I can give you that little “push” to reconnect to the amazing human being you are!

Together, we will plan a route to arrive at your true goals, to realize a better balance of exercise and diet, and to challenge those negative thoughts. Lets bring out the greatest you, hidden inside- just waiting to be invited to life! Although change is never easy, it is always possible.
Why life and style consulting?

Our outside and our inside are connected. You can’t look good unless you feel good, and you can’t feel good unless you do your best every day to look your best. I have great empathy for people who don’t treat themselves with love and care, maybe because they don’t believe they deserve it or don’t know how.

I see many women and men who get up in the morning, throw on anything that’s available, and go out for the day. The only time they “dress” is maybe on a Saturday night, if they’re going out for dinner. Their children are dressed to the nines, but they have forgotten about themselves! (Perhaps they feel if they take time out for themselves, they aren’t being good parents.)

If this sounds like you, I can help. Let me be your guide. Together, we may break the “vicious cycle” that’s holding you back—depressed or guilty feelings, a harried or panicky approach to life, giving time to unrewarding relationships—and replace it with the happier, healthier, more fulfilled you that’s inside……..best time to start?

Right Now!!!

My biography

Majored in Psychology at Hunter College (NYC)

Trained at the prestigious Life Coach Institute.

Author of “Simple Strides Toward Positive Change: Lessons from Life Coaching”,

Contributing writer for various publications.

Appeared on numerous local (Metro NYC) & national television & radio broadcasts

Worked in the fashion and media industry, including Bloomingdales, Revlon Media Networks & countless others.

Model in various fashion shows

Mother of three sons, married to Dr. Robert Korwin, cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Relevant awards

Recently named of “Top 20 Most Inspiring Individuals in New York City”

Mrs. Monmouth County USA 2017

Mrs. New Jersey United States Pageant

Mission statement

Are you longing to break free from your self-imposed prison?

Do you often feel like that fish out of water?

You CAN break though the obstacles and old, outdated thought patterns to achieve your most desired goals!!

Quality of Life, Personal Growth, Personal Organization, Personal Relationships, Job and Career, Money & Finances

Our lives are not compartmentalized. When something is out of balance in one area, it often appears in other areas of our daily lives.

OUR goal, will be to look at the “BIG Picture” of you. Ideally, we want to establish balance in all aspects of your life, in addition to identifying & taking action to bring your top goals to fruition.

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