Chapter I


The thoughts that are included in my book can, and should be, likened to a donation dropped into a secret place in your heart. Maybe one day, in your hour of need, you will remember this gift and withdraw its contents.

For many years, people, including total strangers, sought my advice on subjects ranging from style, to relationships to exercise and personal wellness. I was always quick to help, whether standing on line at the grocery store or while comforting a friend in a dilemma. I truly believe we all have unique talents that should be shared with others.

When I worked as a personal stylist, found that most of my clients regularly criticized their appearance, calling themselves fat and ugly. That always amazed me, because there was no basis of it in reality. It was then that I knew that happiness and a fulfilling life weren’t just about the outside. The inside is what needs to be solid if the foundation is to be stable. Just as a coach runs out onto the field to revive an athlete’s flagging spirit, a Life Coach revives the spirit of anyone feeling pulled down by negativity.

There may come a time when you feel stuck or frustrated and can’t see the potential of a situation. At those times, we often simply need a little “push” to reconnect. Life coaching can be that helping hand. I am just like you. I have experienced anxiety, insecurity, feelings of helplessness and a lot of other negative feelings. I learned, through much hard work, that bad habits can be broken and negative thoughts can be reversed. . Who better to empathize than someone who has been there?


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Susan focuses on five areas she knows make a difference in life coaching:
● Troubleshooting: What’s Getting in Your Way?
● Creating Peace Within
● Conditioning Yourself for Success
● Here’s to Your Health: Exercise and Eating Right
● Beauty and Personal Style for You


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Simple Strides Toward Positive Change: Lessons from Life Coaching is an invaluable guide and companion on the path to being a better you.

    About the author

    Susan Korwin is a Certified Life Coach who was trained through the prestigious Life Coach Institute. She is a contributing writer for Total Prestige, Latino Show, and Jersey Shore Woman and is a fashion model for the Dolita Paris collection and Diane King of Got Entertainment. Susan was recently named one of the “Top 20 Most Inspiring Individuals In New York City.”

    While attending Hunter College majoring in Psychology, Susan worked in the fashion and media industry. Susan lives in New Jersey with her husband, cosmetic and implant dentist Dr. Robert Korwin.