“A couple of weeks ago I didn’t know of you until my dear friend Thierry suggested I like you [on Facebook], and now I look forward to your words of inspiration every day, truly amazing! Thank you!”

Cathy Hogan

“I am amazed at the personal growth that I am experiencing just reading one post from you a day.”

Lillie James

“Thanks Susan! I love your daily remarks and though sometimes sit quietly in the background, just reading your posts, I still learn just as much! Your positive words have impacted me more than you realize. What a wonderful gift to be able to impact so many—Applause to you too and thanks!”

Cathie Lushing

“Susan, I look forward to reading your posts everyday, your words of wisdom feel like they’re directed right to me, I find you very inspirational.”

Brenda Brown

“I want to thank you, Miss Kim, for turning me onto Susan Korwin, I get so much out of her advice and it helps me to move on with my life.”

Tracey L. Sawyers

“Your encouragement reminds me of the time when Governor George Pataki encouraged the people of New York State to work hard for change. You are doing it. I’m trying. Thank you for your suggestions on how to continue to be successful.”

Rosemary Ognibene

“Susan Korwin is one of the most inspirational people I’ve met. I love the mixture of business savvy, together with ‘everyday people skills. When I decided to switch careers – from a fashion designer to an esthetician, I was blessed with Susan’s coaching skills. Susan enabled me to see the glass half full, and not be afraid of change. She turned the unknown into an exciting challenge, and here I am today with my spa business up and running. Susan is so inspiring, and uses her own experiences to enable you to see things positive, and not be ruled by fear. She walks with you throughout every step and nothing can be too much trouble. Best of all, once you meet Susan, you have a friend for life!! I am blessed to have met her, and honored to write this testimonial.”

“It is with great pride and confidence that I recommend Susan Korwin as a life and style consultant. As a model in NYC, I have never met someone in the fashion world so genuine, professional, and helpful. I met Susan in a very random situation and immediately noticed her grace, poise, and fashion sense. To her, everyone is beautiful. She knows the top places to shop, but will work around your budget. She is extremely ambitious and always makes herself available when she can. For instance, I was in the process of giving my mother a mini-makeover a few months ago and had no idea what colors to put her in. I sent Susan a brief email and she responded minutes later! What other life and style consultant would do that? She has a strong understanding of the latest fashions, trends, and ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her ambition has even led her to creating her own online group and maintaining a wonderful website where she provides the tips, tricks, and secrets of the beauty and fashion world. She makes herself and anyone she works with look presentable and can dress anyone in formal, informal, professional, or casual situations. I can not recommend her strongly enough!”

Kristin Laubenthal

Model, NYC

“Preparing to be a bride was one of the most memorable times of my life. It was one of the busiest times too. The checklists and itineraries seemed endless! Yet, being organized, planning ahead, and utilizing the support of family, friends, and wedding professionals added simplicity and excitement to my agenda. However, I faced a definite standstill as I began my journey searching for the right balance of jewelry to wear on my wedding day.

“For weeks I spent time shopping online, flipping through magazines, visiting bridal boutique after bridal boutique, going to various malls and the more “couture” department stores in New Jersey—I even took a trip into New York City. Needless to say, I exhausted my resources, was frustrated and tired! While talking to a friend and expressing my concerns, I was recommended to see Susan Korwin. I connected with Susan right away; her warm personality and extended efforts put me at ease. I provided Susan with a picture of my gown and we briefly discussed the theme and details of my event. Susan knew exactly where to find the most exquisite collection of jewelry. The pieces Susan suggested were absolutely stunning! They complemented my gown and added richness to my tiara and accessories.

“Susan’s expertise was exceptional. Her passion and recommendations created an unforgettable work of art. Furthermore, Susan focused on my specific individual needs, giving me instant gratification—which was a key factor under the circumstances. Overall, my experience with Susan was remarkable.

“As a bride to be, there was no question that I was glowing on the inside. After working with Susan, I definitely knew I was going to be even more beautiful than the detail oriented, out-of-a-magazine bride I had dreamed to be. I highly recommend Susan Korwin and continue to recommend her to family and friends who are planning weddings and special events in their lives.”

Michele Patruno-Volpini

RDH, MA Manalapan, New Jersey

Video Testimonials

Wonderful video testimonial by client and photographer
— Rob Ordonez