Susan’s Sound Advice #1047

Susan's Sound Advice #1047

Susan’s Sound Advice #1047

OY…. it’s always something! Isn’t that the truth for every one of us? Each day something goes wrong. It could be a flat tire, the washing machine breaks down, the computer crashes, our kid gets sick right before we were supposed to go on vacation, we get stuck in an unexpected traffic jam, we stub our toe, etc, etc. These are examples of the small, very frustrating things that happen on a dailybasis. Big things, catastrophic things, do happen, but they don’t happen as often, and they are few and far between. It’s how we react to the every day disturbances that affects our health and well being. Stressing about the small stuff only raises our blood pressure, affects our relationships, and ruins our quality of life. Always remember that things can be worse and live your life accordingly. I love this saying that Joel Osteen quoted recently, “Tornadoes and hurricanes get more news coverage; but in reality, termites do more damage. ” #susankorwin

Susan Korwin

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