Susan’s Sound Advice #1118

Susan's Sound Advice #1118

Susan’s Sound Advice #1118

Five weeks ago my friend asked me if I want to meet her at Fred Astaire Dance Studio where she had just signed up for lessons. She said I could meet her and get a free 30 minute lesson. I said, “what the heck” and, with no intention of anything more than that one lesson, I met her there. Well, here it is five weeks later, and, as you can guess, I was blown away by Anthony’s ability to make learning to ballroom dance such fun. I have taken dance lessons in the past, but I quickly opted out, preferring my daily 60 minute “free style” routine of dance as my exercise regimen. Now I am learning proper steps, posture, poise and much more, and enjoying every minute. Dancing is one of, if not THE best form of exercise. Not only is it great for the body and legs, but it is great for the spirit. No matter how stressed I am, no matter what is going on in my life that may be saddening me, as soon as I hear music and start to dance, my cares and woes disappear. If you are looking for a break in your day and need to renew your spirit…as Lady Gaga says…”JUST DANCE”. Thanks Anthony and Fred Astaire Manasquan ! — with Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Manasquan .

Susan Korwin

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