Susan’s Sound Advice #1175

Susan's Sound Advice #1175

Susan’s Sound Advice #1175

Since it’s #tbt , I am going to re-tell a story that I told two years ago. I met John Lennon by chance one day while walking to my brother’s apartment next door to the Dakota on 72nd Street. The guardsman at the gate to the driveway stopped us pedestrians in order to let a car pull in. Instead of the car pulling all the way in behind the gate, it stopped before it to the let the passengers out. Much to my surprise, Yoko Ono stepped out and hurried into the building. With my mouth still open, John Lennon climbed out, but instead of running into the building, he stopped, looked at me, and said “Hello Red”. The whole event happened in an instant, but after, I floated on air the entire day. John was always my favorite Beatle. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it was because I was attracted to “bad boys” and he was the bad boy of the group, and maybe because I thought he was the smartest one too…a great combination. The day he was killed was heartbreaking. I felt as if a family member died, and I had this knot in my stomach for weeks, much like the rest of the world. But, the memory of his acknowledging me that sunny summer day always stuck with me as a happy one and we always had the music. Fast forward to two years ago: I am in the Post Office on a long line. In front of me stood a man with auburnish hair tied in a pony tail. I didn’t see his face but stared at his back since I was behind him in line. I remembered that I had to pick up something hanging on the wall and told the person behind me that I would be right back. I ran up to the wall, grabbed what I needed, and while walking back to the line, noticed that the guy was wearing wire framed glasses and had a strong resemblance to John Lennon. It was bizarre! But this is where it really gets spooky: When it was his turn on line, he turned around and said, “You go ahead Red, I am not in a rush”. I literally got a chill down my spine, thanked him, and went ahead. When I was done, I looked around, but he was gone! I have always wondered: Was that him? He looked like him and called me “Red” just like that day in front of the Dakota! Who knows? I do know that if he was alive today, I would send him this shirt to wear and maybe he would say “thank you Red”…. . #susankorwin

Susan Korwin

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