Susan’s Sound Advice #1253

Susan's Sound Advice #1253

Susan’s Sound Advice #1253

“I know with some time and patience, I can change them”. How many of us have said these words when dealing with a person who is toxic. If you feel the need to excuse a large chunk of someone’s personality, then you are already consciously aware that something is very wrong with the way they interact with others. Remember this: You are NOT responsible for the actions of a grown person capable of taking responsibility for themselves and their own behavior. Look at it from a different perspective and ask yourself whether your time is worth wasting on inexcusable behavior. I am sure your answer will be no. A person who is toxic cannot be changed by you. We can change ourselves but have no control over how others live their lives. A toxic person is the only one who can alter the way they deal with people and situations, and, unless and until they hit rock bottom, find themselves totally alone in life, and finally reach that “aha” moment, the chances of that happening are slim. Toxic people rarely see their negative behavior for what it is, take responsibility for their actions, or consider their actions to be the cause of the problems in their own life. So, good luck to them, let them live their reality, but please do not waste any more of your time on such people. They don’t want to be fixed! #susankorwin

Thank you to Vittoria Tedesco for this wonderful photo. #inspiration #wisdom #lifecoach #advice #toxicpeople #change #badbehavior #susankorwin #hedred #author #life #tuesdaymotivation

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