Susan’s Sound Advice #1254

Susan's Sound Advice #1254

Susan’s Sound Advice #1254

There’s a Yiddish proverb that says, “a half truth is a whole lie”. In my life, I want to be around people who are honest and have integrity. I emphasize the importance of these qualities to my clients who just can’t understand why they are lacking in many areas of their life. Integrity is defined as ‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles’. Integrity is about making good choices. It is doing the right things for the right reason. It is about being honest with yourself and honest with others. There are times that you may not be sure what the right thing to do is in a situation. When this happens, you can ask yourself a few simple questions to come up with the right answer, such as: “How will this decision affect others? Am I considering how this will make other people feel? Will I be able to look myself in the mirror and like what I see?” Doing the right thing is an incredibly important thing. It will affect your friendships, your family, your community and your future. Little choices that we make can have big consequences on ourselves and others. It’s so much easier to do the right thing and to tell the truth. What is harder is living a lie and losing those who meant something to you because you just can’t be honest. #susankorwin

Susan Korwin

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