Susan’s Sound Advice #1284

Susan's Sound Advice #1284

Susan’s Sound Advice #1284

One thing to always remember is that EVERYONE has problems and obstacles to overcome. I don’t care if you see status updates and photos with huge grins, vacations in exotic places, etc. It doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, healthy or sick, no one has the perfect life with no problems. So, if you are going through something right now and think you are the only one, realize you are not. During the “down” times, here’s three words to remember: “Just keep going”……

When you think you are all alone, just keep going;
When you think someone doesn’t care about you, just keep going;
If you are ill and think you will never get better, just keep going;
If you think you are ugly and unlovable, just keep going;
If you think you have no reason to live, just keep going.

Keep going because we only lose in life if we stop trying and stop appreciating our little blessings which are always there even while going through tough times. None of us deserves bad things that happen to us, but it’s how we deal with these adversities that makes all the difference in the world. JUST KEEP GOING! #dailyinspiration #susankorwin #lifecoach #author #simplestridestowardpositi vechange

Susan Korwin

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