Susan’s Sound Advice #157

Susan's Sound Advice #157

Susan’s Sound Advice #157

Yesterday we attended a huge art/architectural show at Piers 92/94 in NYC. I wore my Dolita Paris -designed “Jamaica” dress feeling quite confident in the knowledge that the colors and design of the dress would elicit comments. Sure enough, because of this positive attitude and inner confidence, many wonderful conversations and offers abounded. The point of this post is that with the right attitude, any task or experience can spark a chain of wonderfully positive experiences. I allowed myself to focus and believe that this was going to be a great day and it was! So, today, start being mindful and aware of finding great opportunities and the world will provide it for you. Approach every situation with an eager determination and life will unfold in a most enjoyable manner!

Susan Korwin

Model, Certified Life Coach, and Author of "Simple Strides Toward Positive Change". Follow me on instagram @hedred

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