Susan’s Sound Advice #161

Susan's Sound Advice #161

Susan’s Sound Advice #161

It is important to realize that the people we associate with have a great impact on our lives. Are you allowing the very best people into your life? Believe it or not, the types of people we “hang” with affect us in many ways, and depending on who they are, the effect can be positive or negative. Think about it. If you hang around with people who have no class or values, eventually that is going to rub off on you. However, if you hang around people who value intelligence, good manners and integrity, that will rub off on you too. Which would you choose? Stay with those that inspire you to reach higher, not those who may, inadvertently, drag you down to their level.

Susan Korwin

Model, Certified Life Coach, and Author of "Simple Strides Toward Positive Change". Follow me on instagram @hedred

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