Susan’s Sound Advice #27

Susan's Sound Advice #27

Susan’s Sound Advice #27

Here’s a great analogy. I actually heard a different version recently, but I am revamping it to my own personal experience. Whenever I fly and there’s turbulence, I naturally start to panic. As soon as this happens, I look around the plane to see if others seem shaken also. It always amazes me when I see the person who is reading their book, listening to music calmly, and basically ignoring the”roller coaster” ride that the flight has become. For some strange reason, the fact that these people are calm makes me feel as if it can’t be that bad. And, of course, it never isn’t. Within a short time, the turbulence stops, and my “white knuckles” eventually regain their blood flow. Ok, here’s the analogy I am talking about. We all know that when we fly, there usually is turbulence, but, if we don’t panic and go with the flow, the plane stabilizes and we are back to a normal flight. The same goes for life. We are more than likely going to experience “turbulence” in our lives…rough spots and trying times. But, if we have the faith to believe that these bad times, just like turbulence on a plane, will likely end and life will be a smooth ride again, we won’t have the need to panic and lose hope during those times. Remember, bad times, just like turbulence, is temporary!

Susan Korwin

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