Susan’s Sound Advice #420

Susan's Sound Advice #420

Susan’s Sound Advice #420

I was so grateful for the gifts I received during this holiday season. The gifts ranged from expensive (from my husband), quirky and fun (from my kids), an original work of art from an amazing artist Carmine Santaniello, which I adore…and simple and inexpensive (from many friends and clients). What I treasured just as much as the gifts, however, were all the letters and emails sent to me telling me how much I have meant to so many, and how my presence in their life was their “present” this year. A gift does not need to be grandiose to indicate that the giver values the recipient. What matters more is that care and attention was given to acknowledge someone’s importance in another’s life. When the recipient opens up a gift that is specific and personally meaningful, it tells them that the giver has paid attention to their wants and needs. It deepens the relationship with an unspoken affirmation: “I recognize your worth in my life”. I want to say a huge thank you…not only for the gifts, but also for the THOUGHT that went into giving them. That is truly what makes me smile. #thoughtful #gifts from the heart #it ‘s the thought that counts

Susan Korwin

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