Susan’s Sound Advice #527

Susan's Sound Advice #527

Susan’s Sound Advice #527

We often get so caught up in our busy lives that we tend to forget just how important it truly is to live in and experience each and every moment in its simplicity. We live for the big things, the exciting things, the “seen and be seen”, instead of appreciating the little things. We live for the weekends, the holidays, or the vacation we’ve been dreaming of for years, instead of truly enjoying that sip of coffee or that chat with a great friend. we often become SO busy trying to build a life, that we sometimes forget how to simply just live one. The right time is NOW. Don’t overlook the seemingly meaningless for the something meaningful. Live for today and not for the “big things”. In short, enjoy all the simple things that life has to offer. Enjoy the omelette at that diner; dance to the music while cleaning your house; have lunch with your friend; enjoy that episode of “The Good Wife”. There’s so much to like each and every day. Savor every moment while you still have the chance!

Photo Credit: Iryna Gorb

Susan Korwin
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