Susan’s Sound Advice #681

Susan's Sound Advice #681

Susan’s Sound Advice #681

Today, I had the most wonderful experience. I often talk about showing kindness to others, whether it be holding a door, smiling in an elevator, etc. , etc. I was driving and because of some construction, there was total gridlock blocking many of the side roads. No one was polite enough to stop their car to let one of those cars get in a lane, and when I reached that point, I did just that. I allowed not only one car, but as many as I could until traffic started moving again. What did I have to lose? A few minutes? Would getting to my destination that much earlier make a big difference? Well, after I let one of those cars get in front of mine, a woman rolled down her window and said she needed to pick up her child who was waiting for her at school, and she thanked me profusely for being so kind and letting her in. It may not sound like much, but, to me, it made a huge difference in my day. People often ask me what is the most effective technique for transforming their life. It is very simple: – just be a little kinder. –

Susan Korwin

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