Susan’s Sound Advice #683

Susan's Sound Advice #683

Susan’s Sound Advice #683

Life gets better…it really does. Contrary to what they say, the best years of your life are not necessarily when you are a kid. By saying life gets better, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will swoop in like Superman and stop a burglary or save a train from derailing. But, with each and every day, you will be given a chance to do a right thing here and there. And, if you keep at it, the chances are that it will add up to heroic proportions. And…. the chances are that no one will notice. And…the chances are that you will be an unsung hero. It truly is hard to be cheerful while in a state of angst. The anxiety and sadness may blind you from seeing the sunrise on the horizon. It takes a lot of time to get out from under that blanket of anguish and see things for what they really are. That is truly how life gets better if you are willing to give it time. And speaking of time, it truly is the great healer. The most horrible misfortunes, insults and heart-breaking losses all eventually fade…. . given enough time. If you are in your darkest hours right now, remember these words: “This too shall pass”. #dailyinspiration #susankorwin #lifecoach #author #simplestridestowardpositi vechange

Susan Korwin

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