Susan’s Sound Advice #873

Susan's Sound Advice #873

Susan’s Sound Advice #873

#suesaystuesday : People who consistently lie to you are most likely lying to others too. It is their “modus operandi” and there is a good chance they will not change their ways. To them, lying is somehow justifiable, and they will readily do it again no matter how many times they are caught. Words can make you warm and fuzzy, but if they are not backed up by action, they are useless. One is onlyas good as their word, and if someone doesn’t keep their word, then their integrity is compromised. Remember, what you accept from people in your life is your choice. If, in your heart, you know that their behavior is less than satisfactory, you and only you can make the decision to remove yourself. You get what you allow. Stand up for yourself and for your own standards of quality. The more you hang out with lies, the less you will know the truth when you see it. #susankorwin

Susan Korwin

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