Susan’s Sound Advice #876

Susan's Sound Advice #876

Susan’s Sound Advice #876

Things we do in life really do have a ripple effect. The other day, I posted something about people who are dishonest. Several people shared that post. After they shared it, I noticed that their friends shared THEIR shared post! With that, at least 40 people shared the one post. I then received a few emails thanking me for the advice. It just proves that we should never disregard anything that weinitiate. Just like when you throw a pebble into the water which causes ripples, this small gesture on my part kicked off a chain reaction which, in turn, paid forward some advice that may have changed someone’s life. Everything happens for a reason, and everything has a source. A simple action has the ability to alter society in a good way or a bad way, to spread kindness and not hate. So, always remember what you are putting out there. Just like dominoes, the wrong words and actions cause things to tumble down. #susankorwin

Susan Korwin

Model, Certified Life Coach, and Author of "Simple Strides Toward Positive Change". Follow me on instagram @hedred

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