Susan’s Sound Advice #899

Susan's Sound Advice #899

Susan’s Sound Advice #899

Just because someone gives us a title…CEO, President, Sales Manager, Principal, Boss, Producer (and yes, even Life Coach), this doesn’t mean we can just order people to follow what we say. Life and success isn’t about just a title. We have to lead by example or else our words are meaningless. A General cannot convince troops to go into battle if he is too scared to do the same. A true leader isone who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way. Another example: If you are a fitness coach, you wouldn’t sit on a couch eating a bag of potato chips while telling your clients to exercise and eat right. Remember…what you do has a far greater impact than what you say. Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example. Be the kind of leader that YOU would follow! ©2015 SusanKorwin #susankorwin

Susan Korwin

Model, Certified Life Coach, and Author of "Simple Strides Toward Positive Change". Follow me on instagram @hedred

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