Susan’s Sound Advice #912

Susan's Sound Advice #912

Susan’s Sound Advice #912

The people in our life should be situated much like a theater. There are those that belong in the balcony, there are those that belong in the mezzanine, and there are the rare ones that belong in the orchestra section, and even the front row. The orchestra section is reserved for those closest to you; those who have loved you through thick and thin, those whose relationship with you is eternal. You may not see them for months, or even years, but when you talk it’s like no time has passed. If you need them, or if they need you, you are there in a heartbeat. Then, there is the mezzanine section: These people are pretty good friends, and you probably have good times together, but you won’t be making speeches at their weddings, and they may drift in and out of your life. Still, you enjoy their company and have a mutual interest in each other’s lives. Now, let’s get to the balcony: These are the people who drain you, who use you, and who only show up for their own self-gratification. As long as you are “stroking” their ego, they are around. They are the ones that never ask how you are because they don’t really care. You feel more tired and stressed after interacting with them. They are consistently unreliable and completely self-absorbed. We have a lot of power when it comes to the people in our life. We don’t have to get into a shoving match or argument. Just visualize the “theater” in your head, and place them where they belong. It’s a very liberating feeling…. I know first hand because I show people to their seats on a daily basis.
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