Susan’s Sound Advice #914

Susan's Sound Advice #914

Susan’s Sound Advice #914

It’s Monday morning and your alarm goes off. You growl and hit the snooze button, not wanting to start another weekday of obligations, work, etc. Your negative mindset is blinding you to the reality of how lucky you truly are. You don’t “have” to go to work or to the gym. You don’t “have” to take your kids to school, make their lunches and listen to them whine. You “get” to do all these things. These are not chores. They are things you are lucky enough to get to do. By rephrasing your thoughts…substituting the word “have to” to “get to”, you are shifting your mindset to feel better about your situation. There are people that wish they could have what you have…a job, children, the capacity to workout at a gym. Realize how blessed you truly are. Feed your mind with positive thoughts and set the tone for the rest of the day. ©2015 Susan Korwin, from my book “Simple Strides Toward Positive Change”. #susankorwin
Photo Credit: Robert Korwin — with Susan Korwin .

Susan Korwin

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