Susan’s Sound Advice #916

Susan's Sound Advice #916

Susan’s Sound Advice #916

I don’t know how many of you have been following this season’s #dancingwiththestars , but I have been hooked on this show from the very beginning because of my love of dance, which is my primary form of exercise. In past seasons, the dancing was what inspired me and what sent chills down my spine. This season was different. What sent chills down my spine was watching not only the incredible talentof the three finalists, but also their personal stories and transformations. As a Life Coach, though, I was rooting for #rumerwillis all the way after hearing her story about her lack of self-esteem and her complete self-hatred throughout her life up until now. Since her mom was a stunning actress, people felt the need to compare her and call her names such as “Mr. Potato Head”, “ugly” “man/woman”, and the like. She was bullied, both in person and through the internet. She eventually discovered ways to accept her looks, but the bullying she suffered never ended. Watching the show, and watching someone who felt so unworthy throughout her life become the champion, had me crying tears of joy. It must have been terribly hard for her to take that step into this competition knowing she will be criticized by ignorant people with nothing better to do in life. But, she took that plunge, and said that showing off her dancing skills did wonders for her confidence level. She also stated that she never felt more beautiful. In her own words…”Not everyone is going to like you, but you can’t let that change how you feel about yourself”. She went out there unafraid to just be herself, and I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than that. Here’s the lesson: Taking action in life is THE greatest tool to build your confidence. Avoiding and playing it safe might mean you won’t fail, but it also guarantees you won’t succeed! This is a shame because you’re much stronger and more capable than you think. Rumer Willis took that plunge, and I am sure her life is forever changed for the better! #susankorwin

Susan Korwin

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