Susan’s Sound Advice #919

Susan's Sound Advice #919

Susan’s Sound Advice #919

What do we do when we injure a muscle or break a bone? Do we avoid thinking about it or do we actively put in the effort to heal? It’s the same for emotional pain. Many people think that if they push aside their pain by distracting themselves on a constant basis, this will make it go away. But it never will. As a matter of fact, the more we avoid it, the more it wants to attack us! Instead of going around it, you must go through it. Some people are sad, so they think that if they take a million vacations to an exotic location, this will make them happy. Some people feel worthless, so they think that if they hang out in fancy restaurants, this will make them feel worthy. The list goes on and on. You cannot run from your problems. They will only chase you down and tackle you. You are always going to be with the one person who has the power to heal you, and that is the one looking back at you in the mirror. So, today, look directly at the pain you are feeling and acknowledge it. Shake its hand and don’t be afraid. Anyone can run away…that’s easy! It takes courage to face your problems and work through them. After all, how do you run away from what’s in your head? It’s impossible! ┬ęsusankorwin #susankorwin

Susan Korwin

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