Susan’s Sound Advice #947

Susan's Sound Advice #947

Susan’s Sound Advice #947

Our society runs on the law of supply demand. I remember all the times I waited on line to buy Cabbage Patch dolls, talking Elmo dolls and certain new video games for my kids because they were in such short supply. That is probably why everyone wanted them so badly. Once they became stocked in abundance, all of a sudden the demand was less. Human nature! The more something is available in abundance, the less values it has. This can be applied to people too. Sometimes, the more you give of yourself, the less others appreciate what you have to offer. Why should they value what is coming so easy to them and when your effort seems endless? You have two choices: You can cut off or limit your generosity and kindness to those who are ungrateful, or you can just be kind anyway, regardless of whether it is being reciprocated or appreciated. Whatever works for you is the right choice. It is true though that some things are not appreciated until they are taken away……#susankorwin #wedontknowwhatwehaveuntil itsgone

Photo Credit: Robert Korwin

Susan Korwin

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